Site Preparation

Site Preparation

Prior to your new asphalt or spray seal pavement being placed we must ensure you have a sound and suitable base course.

Through consultation with our client we gather information on traffic volumes and loads. We also consider drainage options, subgrade type, site incline or decline, approach angles, existing heights and levels (eg. Building damp course, inspection points, existing roadway and footpath heights).

The subgrade is then excavated, compacted and stabilised if required by the addition of cement/lime.

It is at this point your base course is installed. We select from a diverse range of materials which are placed in compacted layers. The addition of geogrid may be used if required.

Removal of trees, concrete, fencing, garden beds and minor demolition can also be completed upon request. All materials removed from site are recycled and reused where possible.

Preparation works are completed to a high standard due to experienced operators and modern equipment which results in high efficiency, reduced time and a reduction in costs.

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