Paving Contractors Adelaide

Reliable Paving Contractors Adelaide

If you’re looking for a reliable team of paving contractors Adelaide, make Adelaide Bitumen your #1 choice. As a leading family owned and operated business, Adelaide Bitumen are committed to providing a full-service solution for residential and commercial customers. With a modern, extensive fleet of trucks and machinery combined with our skilled employees, our team can complete a wide range of services to a high standard. From schools, factories, shopping centres, car parks, driveways, roads, tennis courts & more, no job is to small or complex for us. Due to our team’s passion for bitumen and commitment to completing all projects to a high standard, you can rest assured that you will receive stellar results. Discuss your next project with our paving contractors Adelaide by calling (08) 8359 4000 & get a free quote!

Paving Contractors Adelaide

The Advantages of Using Bitumen for Your Pavement

Our paving contractors can assist with a wide range of services including the construction and installation of bitumen. Below are some of the main advantages bitumen provides:

  • It’s smooth & skid resistant: Made from crude oil, bitumen affords road users with a smooth and quiet ride with more efficient skid resistance.
  • It’s cost efficient: Due to the flexibility of bitumen, the installation process is less labour intensive making it significantly more affordable than concrete.
  • Bitumen is durable: If your road is routinely checked and maintained, a quality bitumen path can last up to 20 years and more!
  • It’s environmentally friendly: With increasingly more focus around sustainability, it’s no wonder that bitumen has become a leading choice. Due to its ability to be recycled, bitumen can reduce the demand for raw materials, decrease emissions output and divert materials from ending up in landfill.

Our Services

Our paving contractors Adelaide have the skills and expertise to complete all project to a high standard. Some of the services we can assist with include:

  • Bitumen Pavement Design & Installation: By determining how much volume or traffic will be carried out on your pavement, we can design and install asphalt pavements for a range of industries. Our asphalt is also available in a range of colours.
  • Spray Seal: Our spray seal services are a great way to increase the lifespan of your bitumen pavement by preventing water from entering and damaging your pavement, and acting as a protective layer from tyre damage. Additionally, spray seal also makes your pavement more skid resistant.
  • Site preparation: Prior to your new pavement being installed, we ensure that your site is cleared. This can include the removal of trees, concrete, fencing, garden bens and minor demolition.
Work with the state’s most reliable team of bitumen contractors Adelaide by calling (08) 8359 400 and get a free quote! We have the expertise and equipment to complete all jobs to the highest standard.
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