Asphalt Companies Adelaide

Looking for Comprehensive Asphalt Companies Adelaide?

As one of the most reliable asphalt companies Adelaide, we can assist with a wide range of services. While many people assume that asphalt is only used on highways, it can also be used for carparks, driveways, tennis courts & basketball courts, airports and more. Due to its flexibility, resistance and ability to withstand harsh climates, it’s no wonder that more Australians are opting for asphalt as for their pavement. With vast experience in all facets of pavement construction and maintenance, Adelaide Bitumen can assist with design, saw cutting, profiling/milling, excavation, base course preparation, subgrade/base course stabilisation, concrete kerbing, bituminous priming, hot mixed asphalt both machine or hand laid, spray seal applications using various coloured aggregates, service rejuvenation, dust suppression, crack sealing and line marking. So, put an end to your search for asphalt companies Adelaide and call us today! We can assist with projects of all sizes & complexities.

Asphalt Companies Adelaide

The Benefits of Asphalt

There are a number of advantages to employing asphalt companies Adelaide to install your pavement. One of the primary benefits of asphalt is its durability. Did you know that if your asphalt pavement is routinely checked and maintained, its life span can extend to over 20+ years! Although concrete can last just as long, it will often require extensive repairs or will need to be resurfaced much sooner. Furthermore, asphalt is also significantly more skid resistant than most other surfaces, even when it’s wet. While concrete will become slippery in wet conditions, asphalt will retain its skid resistance. Moreover, with increasingly more focus on sustainability, many are opting for asphalt due to its ability to be 100% recycled while also requiring less energy to produce. Asphalt is also more affordable and quicker to install. Work with one of the top asphalt companies Adelaide by calling (08) 8359 4000!

About Adelaide Bitumen

If you’re looking for superior quality results and outstanding customer service put an end to your search for asphalt companies Adelaide and contact us! As a South Australian owned and operated business established in 1977, we have built our reputation on integrity and trust.  With a modern, extensive fleet of trucks and machinery combined with our skilled employees, Adelaide Bitumen can complete every job to the highest standard. Our team is committed to carrying long-term relationships, which can be evidenced by our success of repeat customers. From private to commercial, council, state Government and industry peers, we can complete projects of all sizes. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients a full-service solution. From start to finish with excavation, base course preparation, hot mixed asphalt and spray seal applications, Adelaide Bitumen are the #1 choice of asphalt companies Adelaide.

Put an end to your search for asphalt companies Adelaide & contact the team at Adelaide Bitumen! We guarantee quality workmanship & customer service, and carry out long-term relationships with our clients. Call (08) 8359 4000!
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