Application of Bitumen in Construction

Application of Bitumen in Construction

Bitumen is a non-crystalline solid material with adhesive properties used in road and pavement construction. The material is derived from petroleum by natural or refinery processes. Bitumen is available in several forms, including mixed or solution, emulsion, viscosity graded, blown, and oxidized bitumen. At Adelaide Bitumen, we offer cost-effective bitumen construction and repair services. Our services include Asphalt, spray seal, and site preparation. 

Asphalt is a dark, smooth, and durable surface produced in a plant with a mix of aggregate, bitumen, and sand. You can apply the mixture by hand or use a paving machine. Hot mixed construction asphalt is ideal for roadways, subdivisions, hardstand areas, car parks, airports, and maintenance and repair jobs. 

Spray seal involves spraying a layer of liquid bitumen followed by covering with a layer of aggregate. Spray seal is a two-coat system. First, liquid bitumen is sprayed onto a prepared road base through a computerised application. A larger aggregate is then spread uniformly and rolled with a pneumatic tyre roller. Our experts then spray a second coat followed by a smaller aggregate. Bitumen spray seals are suitable for country areas, driveways, and transport yards. 

Our team will help you prepare your site before applying asphalt or spraying seals. We will get information about the traffic volume and loads, drainage, subgrade type, site incline or decline, and existing heights. We complete all the preparation work to high standards thanks to our experience and modern equipment. 

Benefits of Using Bitumen in construction

Bitumen is used in road construction due to its advantages over other road and pavement construction materials. Bitumen in Adelaide has unique properties that serve certain benefits, prompting its use in road and pavement construction. The advantages of using bitumen in construction include; 

  • Economic production. Bitumen is a by-product of crude oil, a composition of hydrocarbons. Refineries eliminate petrol, diesel, high octane fuels, and gasoline when refining crude oil, leaving bitumen behind. This by-product is used as a new construction material without considering any other new resource. 
  • Low melting point. Bitumen has a favourable melting point that helps surface dressing and wearing resistance. The melting point is not too high, so it does not melt when laying the pavement. Also, it has a high melting point that will not let the already cast road melt under high temperatures. 
  • Recyclable. Since bitumen’s melting point is favourable, you can melt it back to its original state. Instead of ascending them to landfills, you can take the torn-up asphalt pieces to a recycling plant. The recycled mix can be used or mixed with new bitumen to make it live again. 

Professional Bitumen Constructors

We are a South Australian owned and operated business, established in 1977. Our team has built a reputation in the industry by providing excellent customer service at affordable rates. We have an extensive fleet of trucks and machinery and skilled employees to complete your job to the highest standards. Our team prides itself on offering clients a full-service solution from start to finish. We are a long-standing member of the Civil Contractors Federation, Australia Asphalt and Pavement Association, and Rail Industry Worker Inducted. We also hold CM3 accreditations, meaning we are the ideal bitumen constructors in Adelaide. 

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